The Evolution of Urology Care in Longview

In 2006 Longview Urology was located in the River Suites complex on First Avenue. Doctors Patrick Lassen, Chad Chesley, and Stan Myers made the decision to relocate the clinic to Pacific Surgical Institute, a newly-constructed medical facility on 9th Avenue.

“The new clinic offered efficient, state-of-the-art work space with easy access right across the lobby to the ASC (ambulatory surgery center) at Pacific Surgical Center,” Lassen said. “This has made things much more convenient and efficient for both patients and providers.”

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Clinic Manager Barb Sudar, who has been with Longview Urology since 2001, said that the last 10 years have been especially challenging because health insurance plans have decreased payments, increased premiums, and shifted more cost accountability to patients.

“We continue to provide the best care at the lowest possible cost,” she said, “but it’s clear that patients haven’t been educated about the changes in health care. They sometimes believe that because they have insurance they won’t have any medical expenses.”

Dr. Myers left the practice in 2008 and was later replaced by Dr. John Mansfield. But the changes extend far beyond that. “The practice of urology continues to evolve, and we do an increasing amount of our work in an outpatient – rather than a hospital – setting,” Lassen said. “The surgery center has been tremendously valuable in helping to recruit new providers to the area, both at our clinic and at Longview Ortho. But perhaps most importantly, having an ambulatory surgery center at PSI puts us in a position to deal with the different delivery systems being mandated by health insurance companies. The ASC enables us to provide high-quality, efficient, low-cost healthcare.”

One thing that has not changed at Longview Urology is the commitment to treating patients with kindness. “Physicians and staff sit down with patients and families and do their best to help them the challenges they face to reach a positive outcome,” Sudar said. “I hope to be able to say the same thing 10 years from now.”

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