Who We Are

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The practice continued to grow, and, in 1981, Clark and Tossberg brought Dr. Patrick Magin on board. Dr. Clark retired in 1985, and Dr. Stephen Lachance joined the group in 1989.

By 1996, additional space was again needed, so the group moved to the River Suites complex at 1801 First Avenue. In 1997, Dr. Stanley Myers joined Longview Urology and was followed by Dr. Patrick Lassen in 1999. Dr. Lachance retired in 2000, and Dr. Chad Chesley joined the practice in 2003.

In June 2006, Longview Urology moved to its present location at Pacific Surgical Institute on 9th Avenue in Longview and Dr. Magin retired shortly thereafter. In May 2008, Dr. Myers left the practice. Dr. John Mansfield joined Longview Urology in June 2011.