Patient Testimonials

"Longview Urology has a great staff. I had the pleasure of being seen by Dr. Mansfield, and he is so friendly and understanding." - Deanna Gester

"Dr. Mansfield is the best doctor. He is a good listener with a great bedside manner." - Katey Sapp

"Dr. Mansfield is a great person and a great professional." - Kyle Cole

"Dr. Mansfield has been an amazing doctor to my husband, Ken, and myself. He and his colleagues, as well as the Longview Urology staff, have been incredibly professional. Thank you, Dr. Mansfield, for the help you have given us." - Diana Krotzer

"When I had an obstruction in my kidney from a stone, Dr. Mansfield provided my treatment. He describes everything in detail and is an amazing man and an amazing doctor." - Brittany Erickson

"I've been to see Dr. Lassen twice for kidney stones. He and the entire staff at Longview Urology are amazing." - Michelle Leach-Selmon

"Dr. Lassen is simply one of the best. Kudos to him and the Longview Urology staff." - Diane Craft

"Dr. Chesley and Dr. Mansfield were both great. In fact, the entire staff at Longview Urology is very likable. They truly care about their patients." – Beverly

Testosterone Injections Provide Boost for Clatskanie Resident

Samuel Stem realized there was a problem.

At 48, he was suffering from a lack of energy that was affecting his libido and his overall quality of life.

The Clatskanie resident was referred to Longview Urology by his primary care physician. A simple blood test revealed that Stem’s testosterone level was exceptionally low. He now receives testosterone injections twice a month, and the change is very apparent.

“Dr. Chesley, the reception staff, and the healthcare staff at Longview Urology are all very friendly and very professional,” Stem said. “I have a lot more energy now and a lot more interest in sex with my partner.”

That boost in energy has also resulted in increased involvement in hiking, geocaching, and martial arts. Additionally, Stem is in training to be a volunteer firefighter.

Twenty-five percent of men over 30 years of age suffer from low testosterone. In addition to fatigue and reduced sex drive, the effects of low testosterone can include depression, loss of muscle mass, and an increase in body fat.

The diagnosis is quick, and a number of treatment options are available. Don’t let low testosterone limit your quality of life.

Contact Longview Urology at 360.425.3720 to schedule an appointment.

Glenna Gaylord Recognizes Care Provided by Dr. John Mansfied

For more than a year, Glenna Gaylord’s incontinence had her up at all hours of the night. Then she scheduled an appointment with Dr. John Mansfield of Longview Urology.

Dr. Mansfield assessed her conditioned and prescribed a medication that changed her life. “The treatment helped me so much” Gaylord said. “I’m a new woman.”

Gaylord was very impressed with Dr. Mansfield. “He obviously had a good grasp of what was going on, but his kindness and patience were what really stood out.”

Dr. Mansfield earned his medical degree at the University of Rochester and completed both his general surgery internship and urology residency at the University of Utah. He served for 21 years in the U.S. Air Force.

Longview Resident Praises Dr. Mansfield

For John M. McClelland, each too-frequent trip to the bathroom was an exercise in effort, time, and patience. 

After a lab test revealed blood in his urine, his primary care physician Richard A. Kirkpatrick referred him to board certified urologist Dr. John Mansfield of Longview Urology.

"Dr. Mansfield discovered that I had bladder stones he described as 'the size of marbles,'" McClelland said. "My enlarged prostate was making urine back up into the bladder, causing the stones to form."

He then underwent surgery at St. John Medical Center where Dr. Mansfield dissolved the stones and removed part of his prostate in order to facilitate urinary flow and prevent further backup.

"The entire process was painless, and the care I received was excellent," McClelland said. "We are so fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon in our community. I rate Dr. Mansfield and the staffs of Longview Urology and St. John a big 10.” 

Dr. Mansfield earned his medical degree at the University of Rochester and completed both his general surgery internship and urology residency at the University of Utah. He is board certified by the American Board of Urology.

Before joining Longview Urology in 2011, he completed a 21-year active duty career at the rank of colonel with the U.S. Air Force.

McCrady Praises Longview Urology, Pacific Surgical Center

Former Longview mayor Mark McCrady recently underwent a kidney stone procedure at Pacific Surgical Center. Prior to the surgery, he had been in significant pain.

Chad Chesley, M.D., of Longview Urology diagnosed the condition and performed the successful procedure, which McCrady called “the most positive medical experience of my life.”

“From the insurance coordinator at Longview Urology to the nursing staff at PSC to Dr. Chesley, everyone was helpful, friendly, and incredibly efficient.”

McCrady said it was immediately apparent that things were different at Longview Urology and PSC. “The approach other companies seem to have is to say they can’t afford to keep quality people. Instead, they just keep cutting.

“The business model at PSC and Longview Urology is exactly the opposite. The facility is first rate, and they’re willing to pay to retain people who are experienced and well-trained. I was very impressed to say the least.”

PSC and Longview Urology are located at 625 9th Avenue at Pacific Surgical Institute. Call 360.442.7900.