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Prostate Cancer - Overview

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Prostate Cancer

In 2006, it was estimated that 27,350 men would die from prostate cancer and 234,460 men would be diagnosed with it (American Cancer Society Facts & Figures 2006). The incidence of prostate cancer increases with age, with nearly two out of three prostate cancer cases being diagnosed in men over the age of 65.

The symptoms of prostate cancer may be similar to those of prostate infection or enlargement. Many times there are no symptoms, even when prostate cancer is advanced. These symptoms include the inability to urinate, a weak or halting urinary flow, difficulty starting or stopping urination, frequency of urination (especially at night), blood in the urine, pain or burning during urination, and/or chronic pain in the lower back, pelvis or upper thighs. It is important to see your physician if you have these symptoms, but it is equally important to undergo prostate cancer screening annually, even if you don't have symptoms.